Our Projects

DRIVE is engaged in several projects to benefit our local community and help spur thoughtful, sustainable economic development - projects that build on our core regional assets and enhance the lives of residents, visitors, and those moving to our area from other locales. 

Wind River Outdoor Recreation Collaborative (WRORC)

WRORC is a collaborative initiative inspired by the unmatched outdoor recreation available in the Upper Wind River Valley. It includes the towns of Dubois, Lander, Riverton and Hudson among others. Initially established under the auspices of the Ruckelshaus Institute at the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Wyoming, the collaborative is now managed by the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation. A broad group of stakeholders representing all aspects of outdoor recreation are represented and meet regularly to review and prioritize projects. Learn more here

Corporate Retreats

A key initiative of DRIVE is to promote and facilitate corporate retreats in Dubois. Long a well-kept secret known to only a few discerning organizations, Dubois has gained much greater recognition in the past few years. The pandemic has further accelerated the trend to remote work and many organizations now seek locations with outdoor adventure and open spaces where social distancing and renewal are available in abundance. Dubois is exactly that. Learn more here


Wind River Remote Works

Wind River Remote Works, a DRIVE sub-committee, is a chapter of Grow Remote, an international organization dedicated to understanding and optimizing remote work. Learn more here. 


Crowd Funding

DRIVE is currently exploring the possibility of partnering with The Local Crowd​ to help entrepreneurs in our community with a vision for a new business gain the financial support and mentoring that they need to be successful. Learn more here