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True West Experience

Day 1

Enjoy an unforgettable scenic drive that rises over a gentle mountain pass to descend into an authentic Old West village in a mountain valley. Unwind for a while in your custom-designed lodge. Maybe play a few rounds of pool before hearing out to nearby Cowboy Cafe for elk burgers and sweet potato fries (or quinoa salad, if you prefer). Kick back next door at the Rustic Pine and meet a few locals. They all look like cowboys. Some actually are ranch hands.


Day 3

Take a break after a good morning's work. You've booked a hike with a guide who takes you up a steep slope miles up a hidden valley. There you find the ancient remains of a vast system that Natives used long ago to corral and then trap the bighorn sheep they used for food, clothing, and even hunting bows.

Next stop? A drive over to look at the mysterious petroglyphs. Locals know their location. We'll let you in on it if you keep the secret for us.

Petro 19.jpg

Other Options

You can visit a beautifully restored ghost town with a working gold mine. Or tour the Wind River Indian Reservation nearby, hosted by Native guides. Rather stay in town? Play a round of golf, or rent bikes and blow your mind on the trails up and down the Scenic Overlook right in the middle of town, barely yards away from your lodge.


Day 2

You may want to explore your wilderness environment before getting down to the team agenda. Stroll down the street to where you can rent a few off-road vehicles, and drive on up the road to climb toward the forest.

Take a rollicking ride over double-track roads laid out by the loggers. The first ones here hewed ties for the tracks that joined east to west, more than a century ago. Lose yourselves in time and space!

Watch the road ahead: The noise of your motor might scare up a bear. Take a look, but don't stop!


Day 4

Time to mount up! This afternoon you're going out on the range, guided by an expert wrangler who can take you into the back and beyond, out where you can't see any structures let alone other humans. Talk about a getaway ...

Some of you not happy on horseback? Head out to the lakes for some relaxing time in a kayak.


From Chuckwagon to Choice

The choice is yours: Wyoming-bred steaks, bison burgers, great pizza, or gourmet dinners.

Or opt to have a local expert show you how to cook homestead-style or prepare what the Natives ate long ago, in your lodge kitchen. Is there any better way to bond than creating a great meal together--and then sharing it?

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