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Wilderness Adventure

Day 1

Picture this: Escape the airplane cabin for a stunning drive over a gentle mountain pass, then turn up a back road toward a ranch hidden in a lush valley. It's no longer than the trip into town, but an entirely different feeling.

After dinner, sink into beds in your cozy cabins, and dream of the next day's adventure.

Leave the world behind ....


The Details

Choose to pack out for 3, 4, or 5 nights. The ranch and the outfitters provide everything you need for comfort, safety, and pleasure in an unforgettable setting:

  • Your individual horses, tack, saddle bags, water bottles, and rain slickers

  • Reliable horses and friendly staff

  • Tents, cots, sleeping bags and pads, and stove

  • Shower tent with on-demand hot-water heater

  • Delicious camp cooking

  • Lake and stream fishing

  • Chances to see wildlife, and guaranteed spectacular scenery and star-gazing

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience


Days 2-5

The next day, after a hearty breakfast, our experienced outfitters are ready to take your team even farther into the spectacular wilds of the Absaroka Mountains. Some of the most rugged peaks in the Rockies, spewed from a Yellowstone volcano eons before humans came here, this terrain is legendary among rock-climbers.


Explore it on horseback, spending evenings around a fire and your nights in sturdy tents, with the sound of the breeze and grazing horses to lull you to sleep.


The Ranch

The ranch was first homesteaded in 1911, by pioneers who grew food for themselves and the tie hack lumbermen working in the nearby mountains. Two of the buildings they erected are still in use.

The current owners have been operating the property since 1983 as a guest ranch and base for pack trips and hunting excursions. Over the years it has served as a retreat venue for numerous groups including cancer survivors, wounded veterans, and artists--all seeking to enjoy the beauty and serenity in its remote valley.

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